Vortech Storm Shelters installs FEMA approved storm shelters, tornado shelters, and safe rooms that can be installed in your garage, home or yard. Our shelters have been installed in over 3000 homes and saved numerous lives.

Each tornado storm shelter and safe room are ready to use within 24 hours of installation. Whether you prefer to call them garage storm shelters, storm shelters, safe rooms, storm cellars or tornado shelters we can install them almost anywhere

All of our under garage shelters are designed to be water resistant. Customers can even spray down their garage floors without having to worry about getting water in the shelter. Our under garage shelters are made from 3/16 “ heavy duty steel and are sealed with a 20 year coating and a 20 yr. oxidized paint

Exceeds FEMA 320 Guidelines

• Approved Vendor for Government Rebate!

• Approved Installer for ASTA!

• We take care of all the hassle of permits and government paperwork!

FEMA approved Installation Certificate Upon Completion and a Seal Bearing Your Individual Shelter Serial Number!!

Small Below Garage Shelter:
This is our small under garage shelter. Its measurement is 40′x80′x60′. This shelter wieghs 500 lbs
Large Below Garage Shelter:
This is our large under garage shelter. Its measurement is 60”x80”x60”. This shelter weighs 650 lbs.
Above Ground Safe Rooms:
We custom build all our above ground shelters… call us now for a free in-home or over-the-phone consultation!
Below Yard Shelters:
(This unit has the same shell of our garage units, however the door mechanism does not slide, it opens.)


We have 18 years of experience and we put safety first!

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888-940-SAFE (7233)
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Are You Prepared?



All our under garage shelters are ready to use within 24 hrs. of installation. You can comfortably seat as many as 8-12 people after removing the steps!